Friday, August 14, 2015

Best hand vacuum cleaners - How to choose?

Some people misunderstand that all type of vacuum cleaners are solution for carpets. However there are still numerous jobs that standard vacuum cleaners aren't suitable for such as remove hair from the sofa, car, stair,and  dealing with small objects.

The good news is the prices of handheld models have come down some years ago while producers try to make handheld models more powerful and versatile. As a result, hand vacuum cleaners are more and more popular.

Is it too difficult to choose a good hand held vacuum cleaner?


hand held vacuum cleaners

Hand held vacuum cleaners become a trend nowaday.


Carefully consider their weight and comfort 


How much it weighs should be the very first question. It may be too uncomfortable for you to clean stuff above your head for longer periods with a too weight one so remember choosing a handheld vacuum weighs under 5 pounds.

Check the hand held vacuum attachments


Besides, checking the attachments included is also necessary. You should make sure that it have a crevice and brush tool, these objects will be used to clean the very tight areas for example: crevices around the sofa and somewhere that other vacuums can't reach.

How long the hand vac cleaner can run?


Cleaning usually would take anywhere 10-30 minutes so keep in mind that 10 minutes is the minimum time a handheld vacuum should run, anything less than that would cause waste of money.

Cord or Cordless?


There are two main models of handheld vacuum cleaners are cord and cordless. For small messes, the cordless ones are greater. However, in some cases you even need the power to clean pet hair so a vacuum that plug into the wall is the smart choice.

Note that the length of time for charging a cordless hand vac lasts quite a range from 10 to 30 minutes as mentioned above. In my opinion, a cordless hand held vacuum cleaner is the first choice for the comfort it brings. You may take a close look at the best cordless hand vacuum.



The biggest advantage of hand held vacuums is they are easier to break down than standard vacuum cleaners. Though handheld vacuums are cheaper to maintain, you still should carefully consider the warranty.


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